Had a poke around Rimbun Dahan after lunch at the warung one day. The vibe along the main road is sort of industrial, dominated by tyre and car repair shops. There are a few satay and tomyum restaurants, as well as a smattering of provision shops and minimart. It was interesting enough for a short stroll, but there’s no pavement to speak of, so I’d retreat to the safety of the grassy aprons next to the road shoulder whenever a big truck comes barrelling down at 100km/h.

Keropok shop
If you’re in the market for cheap footwear…
Roadside coconut stall (unmanned)
Some mansion
Interesting traditional-looking house

Washing machine graveyard/repair shop

There’s a lane next to Rimbun Dahan that runs its length and I can sometimes hear vehicles going by on the other side of the compound wall, so I decide to investigate. Mostly vegetation until you get to the end, where there’s a cul-de-sac of half-built three- or four-storey houses guarded by some very sleepy dogs. At this point of my walk, it started to pour, so I headed back to Rimbun Dahan, a little soaked by the time I got there.


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