I got these for 12 bucks

Just came back from The Mill and I’ve been sitting just inside my door texting and probably putting off the moment I have to take these crazy boots off…

Between you and me, I’ve come to Iowa partly to have conversations like this…

Me: I think I’m being too obvious in my writing. As a journalist, you are trained to be clear and to tell people exactly what you think. To the point that it’s getting in the way of fiction. How do you do it?

S: Well, it depends. Sometimes, you need to hide things in the shadows.

Me: That’s the thing. I’m so bad at hiding things in the shadow. It’s all out, in stark white light.

S: Everybody’s writing is different. That’s just the way you write. When it comes to something important, you need to be clear. It’s your personality. You’re very generous in your writing.

Me: *melting from gratefulness*

George’s Buffet

Where writers go for beer (Manuel keeps the pitchers coming… Samuel dances to the blues… And I just sit and sit, looking at the TV showing weather warnings as a typhoon sweeps in over another part of the country… And then Lai Kuen aka Dead Cat and I walk back to the hotel and get caught in rain)